How to Choose Exotic Wood Flooring for Your Space

Today, the world is a much smaller place. As a homeowner, this means that the markets for woods that were once unheard of or too hard to attain are now more easily accessible. You’re no longer limited to only the type of woods that are indigenous to the area where you live. Woods like Brazilian Cherry or Australian Cypress are...

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Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods

When you are looking for hardwood flooring in Michigan it is important for your wood flooring installation company to understand the construction of your home. Homes built at different times and in different areas all have different materials used as base flooring.     There are many things to consider when it comes to selecting the installation method to be used when installing...

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How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring

How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring   Hardwood floors are beautiful, but are they hard to maintain? They’re far easier to maintain than some other options. For instance, carpeting is much harder to keep clean because dirt gets down into the fabric and it can be hard to completely remove without a professional service. And professional cleanings can be costly. If you have...

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